Make your PhD experience great by making every PhD amazing. Join GRIN.

The Groningen Graduate Interest Network (GRIN) is the PhD organization at the University of Groningen taking care of the academic and administrative process involving any PhD.

Our primary goal is to inform you about your rights and obligations, explain the differences among types of PhD, and support you when presenting a concern to the respective authorities.

We work in close contact with other figures, such as the PhD representative at the University Council, to bring the main concerns of the PhDs to the table and solve their issues promptly and happily. We also connect you to the PhD Council of individual faculties and help you search for the responsible authorities in each PhD program to solve individual cases more efficiently. By the end of you period as PhD, GRIN would like to offer you some advice on where and how to start a job search. We would also like to listen to your experience so that we can help improve aspects of the PhD life for future candidates. And because a pleasant social life is just as important as an academic one, we also have frequent exchanges with social organizations (such as GOPHER) to ensure every PhD is as happy as can be.

Every year PhD candidates face different challenges. To make GRIN possible we need your help and collaboration. If our goal is of interest to you, do not hesitate to contact us to get more information.


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