Make your PhD experience great by making every PhD amazing. Join GRIN.

GRIN is run by PhD candidates just like you. We are interested in helping all PhDs with the administrative and legal situations they might run into while in Groningen. If we do not have a precise answer, we will help you find the right person who can solve your request. Check the section "My PhD", for example.

Currently GRIN is going to a period of change. We are adjusting our organization and information to be able to respond better to common inquiries and to the changes occuring at out University. If you are interested in our work and would like to help, fill the contact form in the main page or send us an email to or



In the picture from left to right and top to bottom:

  • Isadora Alves
  • Andrea Soto
  • Vera Carniello
  • Floor Velthuis
  • Susana Figueroa
  • Emilia Bigaeva
  • Magda W√≥jcik
  • Secretary
  • Chair
  • Social Activities
  • Communications
  • Faculty Liaison
  • Organization Officer
  • Living and Housing

Previous Board

We are thankful to all the previous board members.