PhD Organizations

No PhD is done alone. Groningen hosts awesome organizations dedecated to improving your social life, making you think, keeping you fit, and letting you learn to play that instrument you always wanted. Click the icons below to get more information about their general activities, courses, workshops, or other activities that might interest you.

Gopher organizes recreational and educational activities to create great opportunities to meet your fellow PhD and improve your soft skills.

Student sport foundation of the Hanze and the University of Groningen. Choose among 49 different sportclubs and courses.

Foundation that supporst all international and exchange students. Join it for international diners, excursions, language exchange and much more!

Sport club for the University staff. In cooperation with ACLO, the affore diverse sports, fitness, and courses.

Through Studium Generale you can attend lectures and debates on all aspects of science and society.

Cultural platform of the University. Here you can assist to performances or take courses in dancing, acting, improvising, and many more!