Living in Groningen

Groningen is a youthful and vibrant city that has much more to offer than just a great University. To help you find a place to live we have collected the most recommendable options under the button "Housing". Here you will also find useful tips related to selecting your house. The best way to move around is using a bike. We have a recommendation on where to get yours under the button "Bikes". And if you need to learn how to bike, we have also a list of where to find a tutor. Getting a health insurance can be a little confusing, so we have drafted a guideline under "Health". Remember, all people living in the Netherlands needs to be cover within four months of getting the residence permit. Looking for something to do during the weekend, after work hours, or during a holiday? Just click "Places to Visit" and you will find a list of the most recommendable in and around our city. We are still exploring this options, so give us a few days to complete this section.